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The Possession (2012)

Another case of the trailer being scarier...
Lee - wrote on 01/12/13

Much like the review i did for yet another would be scare film that also came out this year 'Sinister' I will start this one out by saying thaqt the trailer looked 10 times more freakier than the actual film was. Although a neat story line (That was apparently based on a true life event which if you read into it , as I usually do when seeing this tagline, Apparently had the so-called Dybbuk box, which is by definition in Jewish folklore as a wine cabinet that contains a 'Dybbuk' which is a restless usually malicious spirit that an only supposedly haunt the living it can also possess the current owner of the box as well, this was purchased on Ebay. Read the whole story on Wikipedia for more info)

Two young girls visiting their estranged father on 'his' weekend provoke him to stop at a yard sale as to purchase used dishes and what not for the kitchen of his newly purchased home. He agrees none the less and the younger of the two daughters Emily (Newcomer Natasha Callis) finds an old box with ancient Hebrew inscriptions on it. After getting the ok from dad Clyde Brenak (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) on the purchase, she carrys the box past the window of the home where a woman covered in bandages sees the box and starts banging on the window crazily as to which her nurse quickly holds her down and closes the curtains. This woman starts the film in earlier events by getting brutally attacked by the what ever is in the box after trying to literally destroy it with a hammer.

As the film progresses, We see Emily getting attached more and more to the box, which in turn causes a major personality turn which causes her to become progressivly violent as the days go on. Dad who is basically alone with everyone in the film going against him has to save the day!

Ok points in this film go to some of the make up used upon showing the transformations as the 'Dybbuk' possesses young Emily however the film does not give us any of the scares that the trailer promised. So if you are sold on a good thriller of a storyline then this should do it. Acting was just ok with nothing special coming out of any of the performers with the exception of Natasha Callis who plays young Emily( Who for her age did a pretty solid job) The rest of the film like i said was just..ok...A good time waster on a rainy afternoon when nothing at all to do presents itself.

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