Lee's Movie Review of Beastly

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Great re vision of an old tale!!
Lee - wrote on 10/02/12

Ok this is the prime reason whilst reading up about a film i want to see i generally ignore the bad reviews and see the film anyways so i can basically judge with my own eyes and opinion. Beastly is nowhere near as a bad as so many have said it was. I found it to be a great 'updated' version of the 'Beauty And The Beast' tale of old. Sure we can watch the same old story revamped but this is different this time as director Daniel Barnz totally puts his own spin on it which makes it modern and more interesting for the intended audience (pre teen girls im guessing) Newbie actor and current heartthrob Alex Pettyfer portrays Kyle Kingston, an attractive and very popular student, which of coarse also makes him the most conceited.

Upon winning school valedictorion and announcing that he is standing up for 'the better looking people of the school body' he then takes it upon himself tduring his congradulatory speech to center out and outcast in the form of Kendra (Played surprisingly well by Full House's Mary Kate Olsen) who in front of everyone listening, states on how ugly she is. After the ceremony has commenced he secretly asks Kendra out to an invitation only party which she accepts where Kyle once again makes fun of her in front of everyone! She just stares at him eerily and announces' That was your second chance!' and walks out. Unbeknowst to Kyle, Kendra is a practicing witch as to which in the spur of her anger she casts a spell on the good looking Kyle which the next day has Kyle having quite the fright as he stares at his reflection in the mirror as he has been cast with hideous scars and features.

This turns Kyle's world around for the worse as Kendra states to him that he has a year to have a female say that she loves him, and mean it or this new face that Kyle has adourned will be his to wear for the rest of his life. Can Kyle within one year turn his life and his shallow attitude around for the better?

I enjoyed this version that is backed with a killer soundtrack!

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