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Paranormal Activity 3

better then the Para #2!!!
Lee - wrote on 08/12/12

Well this is wayyy better then the second installment that's fer sure!! A prequel of sorts that has the audience learning how the poor sisters (Katie and Christy) ever came upon these horrible entities that follow them around. The film starts with Christy and her husband(he's filming this scene of course) painting their yet to be born child's room when sister Katie comes over for a visit asking if she can store some boxes at their place as she no longer has any room. Christy's husband helps Katie with the boxes noticing that they are filled with old VHS tapes. The filming then breaks and when it re-starts we now see Christy and her husband looking somewhat despaired as they survey(and film) their house after a supposed break in, the only thing missing , so it seems is Katie's box of Vhs tapes???

We as the audience are now sent 'magically' into the VHS tapes themselves as we fly into the past to when both sisters were kids living with their parents and with all spookiness we now get to relive how the hauntings began.

Well after reading alot of reviews for this film i see the census being is why a 3rd film was made? With alot of reviewers insisting it was just a cash grab by the creators of the series. My theory on the whole thing is smart movie making...all these films tell a story leaving us with little cliffhangers until the next film all the whilst stringing the fans that want to be strung that is, along. Sure it's about the Benjamins this much i'm certain but what director or filmmaker isnt in it to make the big bucks? And aslong as i am entertained or when it comes to the Paranormal flicks usually scared out of my mind, who cares?

I for one will always pay to see these films as they all have what other supposed scary films dont have and thats the ability to scare the bejesus out of you! For those of you that are searching for an actual scary movie and havent seen any in the Paranormal series then by all means rent or buy these..turn off all the lights, turn up the sound system (this is key), and then get ready to pay that hydro bill at the beginning or end of the month cause you will be sleeping with the lights on!!!

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