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Red Tails

Great wouldve been better if Lucas directed
Lee - wrote on 08/12/12

First let me start by saying i simply loved this film! Now as to why the ultimate master of directing sci fi today as we know it George Lucas would produce and not direct and putting in the director's chair a newbie more or less. Now lets not put any bad conatations on the word newbie(if thats a word that is?) As director Anthony Hemingway has directed alot of good tv shows throught his career so far and assisted the director on a few big screen movies however this is his first where he is the director alone. Well not so alone as i'm sure Lucas was beside him most of the time. This was i quote supposed to be the film Lucas always wanted to make!! The point i am trying to make is although a good film it couldve been spectacular!!

The storyline was great as a biopic (If that's what this was supposed to be) as it didnt spend the whole movie doing a backgorund on each and every Tuskagee pilot that appeared in the film and instead filled that time gap with way more aerial dogfights (Which made me want to see this film in the first place!!) I knew Lucas loves putting dogfights in any form into his films i mean we all saw Star Wars yeah? Even though i usually sigh when a film starts with the lovey dovey crap although the charector Lightning finds a lady whilst serving in Italy and it was actually nice to see, not long and over done but nice!

Racial frusterations are also incorporated into the film which i dont have any problem with considering the time period from the other airmen to the black regiment its not long before the Tuskagee(probably spelling this wrong?) airmen win them all over with their no less then perfect flying skills.Now aside from a pretty much no name cast(although good) starring in this is Cuba Gooding Jr. who we dont see enough of and Terence Howard who literally rocks any role he is in. If you liked films like Top Gun or any others with aerial combat then i definatly suggest renting this!

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