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From Dusk Till Dawn

Lauren - wrote on 11/24/12

I really loved George Clooney in this film. I thought he was absolutely amazing. He's hot, young and clever. However, I didn't like how he used the word "faggot" or "Jap" and I know that he was just reading the script so I don't appreciate Robert Rodriguez putting those words in the script. I do realize that when the movie was made in the 80s people probably didn't think those words were a big deal so I completely understand if anyone disagrees with me. I just didn't like that part.
The plot was good and the gore was good and I liked how there wasn't a stereotypical damsel-in-distress. All the women were vampires and the teenage girl helped kill a few. I really liked that.
The humor was also really good. However I would not recommend you to see this movie with your family under the age of 16 because it shows nudity and profanity.
I really liked it though and the special effects were really good. The transformations, once a human got bit, were really cool.
I guess I'm rating this movie as a 3 because I didn't like the language I guess and I was taken aback by the sexual references and the disturbed brother and his actions. This movie is definitely not a family movie. It has boobs and sexual content everywhere. I guess that's why I didn't like it, because I find the sexual stuff annoying in horror films but that's just me. I found it kind of funny who the vampires turned out to be. (trying not to give a spoiler) Rodriguez was right to portray them that way though.

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