MarkC's Movie Review of A Dangerous Method

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A Dangerous Method

Historical drama of psychoanalysis and sexuality
MarkC - wrote on 07/09/12

I think for the viewer it is going to mostly boils down to if you like Keira Knightley's performance or not, as I think it is of utmost importance to the pleasure of the film. The set and costumes are great. I do love Michael Fassbender and he is mostly very straight faced and a serious Carl Jung. The emotional scenes that he had I would like to seen played out more as well as his dabbling that is talked about but never shown in practice. Maybe it is not documented or did not happen. I'm not that familiar with Jung and Frued but do remember them from psychology classes. Viggo Mortensen is the chain smoking Sigmund Freud who I thought would have more impact in the movie. There is some good sex banter, like that symbolizes a penis, but I wanted more for a comedy sake even though this is not a comedy. Keira Knightley is the real star. Her emotions, overwhelming performances are quite stunning. It looks like she worked very hard. I disagree that the movie is a drama thriller. For me it was more of a historical drama of the roots of psychoanalysis and it's views of sexuality.

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