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Prometheus (2012)

Boring with no substance no horror and no sence
smeagol - wrote on 09/11/12

To describe the story is very easy just think alien/The thing. except this time they are looking for those who created man ( star trek anybody ? ) .
There is so much wrong with this film , The characters have no substance to them at all. their reactions to things happening is ridiculus. none of them seem to care about whats happening or whos dying or anything , they find mans creators but onlly 2 people care. they get a life form reading come up on the monitor while 2 of the crew are scared but the captain doesn't care. people die no one cares. really silly script its hard to believe it was released.
The blonde woman in charge just came on now and then acting like some zombie what was the point of her? poor casting. The only good actors were the lady doctor and the robot. but the terrable script let them down.
The creators said nothing. the aliens were snakes. there was no horror reason explanation or structure to anything in this movie. its a real shame and massive letdown ,
The thing prequal was good thats how your meant to make them mr scott. not this wrote it on the way to the studio rubbish. It was boring and silly and i felt embaressed for the actors who were given such a poor script .

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