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One Mississippi…..two Mississippi...
MovieAddict - wrote on 11/22/13

"You want some gum?"

A bunch of FBI trainees Christian Slater (as J.D. the leader), Patricia Velazquez (as Nicole "Nic" Willis), who wants to quit smoking, - sharpshooter Jonny Lee Miller (as Lucas Harper, the best driver on the team whose parents were killed when he was a child), Kathryn Morris (as Sarah Moore), who has a fear of water - rapper and detective LL Cool J (as Gabe Jenkins), who says he's undercover, wheelchair-bound historian Clifton Collins Jr. (as Vince Sherman, the former cop who never goes anywhere without his gun), Jack-of-all-trades Eion Bailey (as Bobby Whitman), who can solve long math problems - and the witty British blond Will Kemp (as Rafe Perry), who is a coffee junkie; they are taken to a remote island to go on an extensive training excursion by their eccentric boss Jake Harris (Val Kilmer) for a weekend. Their mission is to profile a phony serial-killer crime scene then make a profile on the simulated murderer using their detective skills. Little do our FBI trainees realize that there is it someone else is on the island, until the trainees are knocked off one at a time with military precision. Suspicion takes a major role when they try to find out who's the Unsub and understand his motive for killing. As the body count rises, so does the tension. The manner of deaths are inventive and has a morbid freshness about them; with one in particular being outrageously entertaining.

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