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Murder by Numbers

The Title Says It All...
MovieAddict - wrote on 09/02/13

Sandra Bullock plays Cassie Mayweather, a spunky, intelligent homicide detective cop with brass balls and her own personal issues. Together with her new partner (a very bleak Ben Chaplin) she is called to investigate a Jane Doe murder case. Nothing unusual there except that the perpetrators may be a couple of arrogant high school students.

Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt play popular rich kid Richard and introspective loner Justin respectively, who decide, ala Leopold and Loeb, to commit a murder just to see how it feels and to prove that people with superior intellects can get away with it!

As the investigation continues, a battle of wills emerges between Cassie and the main suspect Richard. Ryan Gosling puts in a strong performance and pretty much steals the show as the dominant one of the pair. He's convincingly arrogant and creepy. Michael Pitt is the brainy one who is cold and sneakily dangerous.

A very poor rip-off of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope." In fact the two boys relationship was far more interesting but instead of being allowed to understand the two boys behavior and relationship, we are subjected to built in distractions such as pent-up sexual frustration and memories of Cassie’s own near murder at the hands of her ok…I wouldn’t spoil it by revealing too much now.

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