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Pulp Fiction

Fantastic story telling and a great cast!
MovieAddict - wrote on 12/11/12

One of the most famous movies of the 1990's, Pulp Fiction is a graphic, crowd-pleasing, shocking and awesome crime drama that tells three short-stories which focus on a certain character and ends with that character reaching the moral high point of his life. But it’s the dialogue that really clinches it for me - sharp, snappy, humorous and delivered at a break neck speed. The verbal sparring is every bit as exciting and violent as the blood and bullets and little bits and pieces of brain.

Each character has their own classic scene and the first one involves John Travolta as Vincent Vega and Uma Thurman as the drug-addict Mia Wallace, the gangster boss's wife and ends with him saving her life, delivering her home safely before walking away (rather than sleeping with her).

The second is an escape story involving Bruce Willis as a boxer who kills his opponent in the ring and falls on the bad side of Marsellus and ends with him saving the gangster boss. The third and final story is the story of Samuel L. Jackson, as the bible-quoting gun-toting self-calling Bad Motherf^%ker Hitman Jules and their problem with a car splattered with blood. They get help from Jimmie (Quentin Tarantino) and Winston Wolf (Harvey Kietel), a professional fixer-upper of trouble.

The epilogue, finally, has Vincent & Jules squaring off with the two criminals Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer who are planning to hold up a fast-food restaurant. My favorite scene is that of Bruce Willis walking down some stairs, carrying a sword, wearing a white t-shirt splattered red with blood standing in front of a blue background and proving that there can be honor among thieves.

The film does contain severe violence, copious explicative’s, heavy drug themes and an explicit rape scene. A good film to watch with a group of people leading to discussion afterward! What was in the briefcase?

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