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A psychological thriller/slasher!
MovieAddict - wrote on 03/14/12

A sudden and violent rainstorm brings together ten strangers at an isolated Nevada motel; the motel manager (John Hawkes), a spoilt, arrogant movie star (Rebecca DeMornay), and her chauffeur (John Cusack who turns out to be an ex-policeman), another policeman (Ray Liotta) and the convict (Jake Busey), he is escorting, a former prostitute trying to change her life around (Amanda Peet), and two married couples, one newly wedded and the other with a quiet traumatized son. The mother of this boy has been injured after being struck by the film star's limousine.

One by one the members of this group start to die violent deaths. They discover that the killings are taking a sequential queue and realize that one of them must be a killer; the question is "Which one?" And what does a mass murderer (Pruitt Taylor Vince) have to do with them?

The movie succeeds in creating a terrifying atmosphere using the rain and darkness to give the viewers the feel of entrapment of the characters gathered there leading up to the whiplash twist ending.

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