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Crash (2005)

"Crash" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 05/01/12

This well intentioned story of intertwining lives in the cultural melting pot that is Los Angeles is an ambitious attempt to explore the grey area outside of political correctness. Nearly all of the characters display racism to various extents but it's done so in a way as to create three dimensional characters without demonization. It's sensitively directed and well played by all concerned with Terrence Howard in particular bringing depth to his black studio exec who suffers humiliation at the hands of the LAPD. Paul Haggis cut his teeth on TV comedy drama and it is very apparent here; the unlikely series of coincidences that unites the characters seems overly contrived and there is one too many of the kind of pop music montages that are the hallmark of lightweight American TV drama. It is well meaning and nicely executed but the need Haggis shows to tie all of the themes up in a nice big bow for the audience seems just a little patronizing.

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