Nosferatu's Movie Review of Host, The ( Gwoemul )

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Host, The ( Gwoemul )

"The Host" By Nosferatu
Nosferatu - wrote on 09/16/11

"The Host" seems to have been directed by two completely different directors; one is good and the other was probably drunk. The parts that are supposed to be comic are so bad it gets depressing, although some them can actually be funny, using the infection theme for most of the jokes.

The monster's design/anatomy is far from the best I've seen. Either it is too fast or conveniently too slow.

The soundtrack doesn't follow a straight line; there's drama sound, action sound and "Mexican sound", all in the same movie.

Special Effects were soooo bad (with the exception of the monster) and the last fire scene was too amateur! I could say they wasted a budget of $11,000,000 but they somehow managed to get a $87,000,000 gross so, yes I do believe in miracles.

After two sleepy hours it finally ended and what remains from the movie is a good acting and a great cinematography.
I think this movie is worth watching... if you have no dishes to wash!

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