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Ouija Board ( Bunshinsaba )

Bunshinsaba- Witchboard
Tjommi - wrote on 08/15/12

This is the story of a bullied teenage girl that summon a spirit to curse the group of girls that are tormenting her. She is warned to keep her eyes closed during the summoning or else the spirit might enter her, but she can't help but look.
As the girls start to die, the entire village enter in a stage of panic and talk is starting about the girl that used to sit on seat nr 29.

The events that this movie portraits takes place in a small closed village where outsiders are looked down upon. The people that live in this villages are living images of the stereotypic prejugdees that we got on small closes out of reach villages, and that does control how the people here act and think.

When you are watching this movie you can to to a certain degree predict what is going on, but you are never really sure, and even when you realise what is going on, you are still touched by the horror. The story in this movie is well written, and the acting preformances are good. Allthough I personally didn't jump to much, I am pretty jaded. I did however enjoy watching this movie alot, and I though it was a good movie. It even had a couple of scenes where I though to myself. " Allright it's enough now... please go on"

At the end of the day it was a good horror movie that I enjoyed watching.

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