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Epic mistake resulting in a paltry feel
sreekirch - wrote on 09/30/13

Wedge known for epic films (Ice Age), made an epic mistake here. First of all, where is the plot? I could consider a plot base (Bud by queen, facing the moon light to grow the forest again.), but where is the development? Is this epic-ness ? Miniature effect : Wedge projects his world as small well known creatures. Microscopic creatures don’t strike any good here. Hell bad as the script. Emotional tone : It’s really very hard to accept the fact that, emotions in this film did not prove even good. Why does small creatures don’t have feelings? Wedge attempt is lukewarm. Visuals: Nothing, clap worthy, but neither bad. Quite fine. But again, not epic. Voice overs : Quite okay, not bold. Let me get it straight. What was the intention to film this? Haven’t we seen creatures before. Nothing really charming. Action : Hardly engaging, quite predictable.

Wedge fails to keep the interest. Hence he throws up romance, but alas, it didn’t work my friend. Never seemed such boring, but hardly manages to keep you awake. Visually nothing new, just too small to feel. I barely give credit to some father-daughter relation, but having Chris Wedge, did I expect such a mediocre stuff? Bare it, it did occur. My final take, is mediocre elements dominate the passable stuff. Wedge needs to learn a lesson now. Don’t misguide audience with title like that. You, and every one know that, this film is an exaggerated pack with no outcomes. A paltry. A clean joke of its kind.

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