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Knight and Day

It is totally cruise control
sreekirch - wrote on 10/06/12

If one imagined, mission impossible mixed with humor, then the result is knight and day. Tom Cruise is a special agent who confronts Diaz in an airport, and says to her, better be off the plane in a difficult way to understand. She later realizes what he meant? Now cruise fights some people and says to Diaz, pilots are dead by mistake. This film is intended for fun, and it works. Direction from James Mangold, is seriously funny. He knows how to induce humor in serious action scenes. Cruise gets his shoes on and proves once again as an action hero. Diaz was good in her funny role. An action movie can’t get funny like this. But you know what I enjoyed the film.

So what’s the plot. It is about Roy Miller (Cruise) who has a battery which can be used for energy production. Some Agents are behind Roy, to stop him. In between comes June (Cameron Diaz) who is clever in lying and says her sister’s marriage is coming, but its on Saturday. Guess what five days left. Cruise and Diaz are ahead to save Simon, his friend who has discovered the battery. Assassins are behind them, and June learns a truth by tracking Roy’s phone.

The intention is clear. Action movie with good fun. Sometimes it seemed illogical, but Mangold ensured that fun is not lost.. As a popcorn film, Knight and Day works. If someone thinks, it might be a MI type film, they will be dissatisfied. But still, they can laugh and enjoy this film. A great fight scene with Cruise and Diaz on bike and bulls chasing them is aesthetically shot. The slapstick humor from Cruise works in its own way.
Aimed for fun, it works As an action film, it is potent. But to great presence of Cruise one might feel it missed the mark. But considering as an escapism potboiler, Knight and Day is fun.

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