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Fifty Shades of Black

Fifty Shades Of Black
dukeakasmudge - wrote on 02/14/17

If I watch this movie a dozen more times I wonder if it will eventually get funny.I watched it once & once was 1 time too many.I struggled & strained to sit through the entire thing.I don't think I laughed once while watching it.I might have grinned, smiled, or smirked, but I never truly laughed.I know I spent the majority of the time cringing.I watch anything and everything the Wayans put out and usually find them funny.White Girls did suck but it didn't suck as bad as 50 Shades Of Black did.The funniest thing about 50 Shades Of Black was the trailer.It's what made me really want to see it.Maybe if I would've seen 50 Shades Of Grey or even read the book (I have NO interest in doing either) before watching this, I might have enjoyed this movie or liked it but even then I really don't think so.There were so many parts where they just tried way too hard to get a laugh (Like the belly button scene for example.See what I mean?) I'm a BIG fan of potty humor but here it was WAY too overdone & the only thing it made me do was feel awkward.The only way I can see anybody finding 50 Shades Of Black funny is if they're high on drugs or completely drunk.I would suggest you only recommend this movie to people you don't like

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