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Gun the Man Down

Gun The Man Down
dukeakasmudge - wrote on 12/29/16

There's not to much to say.Not alot happens in Gun The Man Down & at times, it was boring.I mainly watched it because James Arness was in it but even with James Arness in it or not, I would've watched it anyway because the description sounded interesting.Maybe I'm just so use to him as Marshall Matt Dillon but I didn't buy James Arness as a bank robber looking to seek revenge on his partners who left him behind.I just didn't buy it at all.Before I watched the movie I read on imdb that John Wayne's company Batjac Productions produced this movie so I was expecting something better or to at least like the movie but there was really nothing special about.It just felt like your normal, average, everyday Western.The main thing that stuck out about it for me was the shoot-out at the end.Not because it was good but because it was so dark out, you couldn't see a thing.I'd skip this Western if I were you.There's better Westerns out there you could be watching.If you're a James Arness fan then you might want to watch it but only then because you're a fan

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