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Gold (2013)

dukeakasmudge - wrote on 08/28/16

Spoiler Ahead, Maybe? Iím a BIG Western fan but nowadays it seems that most indy Westerns are cheaply done & BORING so I really wasnít expecting that much out of this movie.Gold really surprised me.It was very well done & had my attention from the start.One scene right after the other, something was always going on, the scenery was just beautiful & it was NEVER boring.If you watch alot of Westerns or ever played the game, The Oregon Trail then you can figure out what happens (I DONíT mean that in a bad way) I was hoping that everything would end up happily ever after but I knew better.If youíre a fan of Westerns or not, Gold is a movie Iíd recommend anybody watch.If I ever come across this movie at the store or wherever, Iím definitely buying myself a copy.Itís WAY underrated & should be more well known than it is

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