Amy's Movie Reviews

Movie Reviewed Type Rating
Siberia (2018) Quick 2.0/4 View
101 Dalmatians (1961) Quick 3.5/4 View
WNUF Halloween Special Quick 3.0/4 View
Isle of Dogs Quick 3.0/4 View
It Follows Quick 3.0/4 View
As Above, So Below Quick 1.5/4 View
Deadpool 2 Quick 3.0/4 View
Ready Player One Quick 1.5/4 View
Coco (2017) Quick 3.5/4 View
Sorry to Bother You Quick 4.0/4 View
The Pyx Quick 2.5/4 View
Roman J Israel, Esq. Quick 2.0/4 View
I, Tonya Quick 3.0/4 View
Leatherface Quick 2.0/4 View
John Wick: Chapter Two Quick 3.0/4 View
Darkest Hour (2017) Quick 3.0/4 View
The Shape of Water Quick 2.5/4 View
Phantom Thread Quick 4.0/4 View
Lady Bird Quick 2.5/4 View
Call Me by Your Name Quick 4.0/4 View
Valhalla Rising Quick 3.0/4 View
Manson Family Vacation Quick 1.0/4 View
Singin' in the Rain Quick 3.5/4 View
Frailty Quick 2.0/4 View
Trolls (2016) Quick 2.0/4 View
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