Movies to Avoid on a Full Stomach

By Chris Kavan - 10/16/10 at 04:17 PM CT

So you've just finished your evening meal, or perhaps you're just sitting down to dinner and want some entertainment. So many choices, so much to choose from. What to do? Well, if you value the contents of your stomach, you may want to avoid these movies, which feature some serious gastronomical spewage. Warning, you may not want to read this blog on a full stomach, either.

1) Stand By Me - This actually comes from experience because when I was much younger I had the flu and this was on TV. Of course they got to the part where they told stories around a campfire and the inevitable Lardass story came on. Even though I had seen this before and I knew it was coming, I still couldn't handle the massive cherry pie reversal. For the longest time I avoided this film for that one scene because it always reminded me of being sick.

2) Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - Let's just say if the name Mr. Creosote doesn't ring a bell it may not be the worst thing. Suffice to say, he's not someone I would want to dine with or anywhere around - especially after he is presented with that after-dinner mint.

3) The Exorcist - You know, I never liked pea soup in the first place. It may not make your head spin, but it should make your stomach turn, at least a little.

4) Se7en - While there is no shot of someone actually vomiting, the implied nature of the "Gluttony" punishment is enough. This is one of those times I'm really glad that smell-o-vision never took off - bile is a nasty proposition.

5) City of the Living Dead aka The Gates of Hell- Death by upchuck - leave it to Lucio Fulci to devise an extra nasty death scene. While I will say this movie is plodding at parts, it may be worth it just to see a poor woman throw up her own intestines and loads and loads of fake blood. It's about as nasty as it gets.

Granted, not many people would choose these for light entertainment in the first place but just in case you get a wild itch to watch something different, try to avoid anything with projectile vomiting around dinner time.


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