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Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
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Not Quite a Flawless Victory - Still Packs a Punch

Chris Kavan - wrote on 06/03/2021

Like video games themselves, movies based on video games are evolving. It seemed for a long, long time so many films based on games completely missed the mark and even the best the of the bunch were merely average. But we seem to have rounded the curve and movies based on video games have improved and "gasp" even given us something memorable. So where does Mortal Kombat stand? This version doesn't pull its punches and is high on violence but still has something new to offer with an original story but a lot of familiar faces.

Some people may complain that Mortal Kombat doesn't officially have a tournament like in the games, but I think it has something better - a compelling origin story featuring an original characters played by Lewis Tan. Tan is part of a club of people with …

FilmCrave User
FilmCrave User
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action and adventure

FilmCrave User - wrote on 04/29/2021

okay so lets start by saying i didnt know what to think walking into this movie but what i got was sheer joy balls to the wall action and adventure makes you wanna root for the good side and boo the evil like it should be i suggest going to the bathroom and getting snacks due to the fact of once you set down your stuck cause you wont want to miss a minute of the heart pounding action and thrills i highly recommend it also not for the squemish or faint of heart but aside from that and possibly dont bring children there is no warning and just enjoy the movie we all desivere it

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