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Pjillip Seymour Hoffman's best effort. Outstanding

mdtinney - wrote on 10/21/2009

An excellent film. Every aspect of this film is masterful. Hoffman's performance as Capote is nothing short of brilliant, and all the supporting actors and actresses do an equally incredible job. The direction and cinematography are also extraordinary, but what I think made the film is the story and screenplay. The storyline, plot and dialogue were Capote's greatest strength. The film, especially the early parts, are dominated with blues and yellows- a technique that greatly contributed to the grim and dark tone of the film. The film moves a little slow for the average moviegoer, but will capture the intrigue of cinephiles. From the stunning imagery, to the camera-work, to the superb acting and the wonderful plot and dialogue, this film captures the ego-maniacal essence of Truman Capote …

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