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Three Stories. One City. Must See.

lyons1006 - wrote on 04/10/2009

Three short films with a common thread--Tokyo! explores the social impact of the giant megalopolis for which it is named.

Directors Michel Gondry, Leos Carax, and Joon-ho bong combine forces, contributing stories that will transform your concept of civilization.

Gondry's "Interior Design" centers on a young woman searching for her purpose in the cramped and fast-paced urbanity which envelops her.

Carax's "Merde" explores our tolerance for the grotesque, as it follows the wake of a mysterious green villian and the disaster he leaves wherever he goes.

Joon-ho's "Shaking Tokyo" depicts a hermit's relationship with his only outside human contact, a pizza delivery girl.

Combined, these three distinct stories each present us with a unique fantasy, yet all echo a common theme.

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