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Hope You Like Family Guy
Taz - wrote on 01/12/13

Have you ever watched Family guy and wished it had more cursing? Then this is the movie for you. I really enjoyed the crude humor in the movie but it did get a little old after the one hour mark. What did surprise me was that the story was well thought out executed very well. This could have been a horrible movie full of crude humor but instead it was a very watchable movie full of crude humor. I have to give Seth MacFarlane credit for that. If he can turn out some better stories and tone done the crudeness he could make some really good movies in the future. I also can not ignore the actors. Mark Wahlberg played a bumbling buffoon very well but my favorite part was Joel McHale as the slimy boss. Joel McHale can play an arrogant ass like nobody else. In the end if you can't get past some swearing, and I mean a lot of swearing, this movie is not for you.

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