Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of Raging Bull

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Raging Bull

Main character too unlikeable and uninteresting
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 11/21/08

I would like to love this movie as everyone else does but I do not. Now it is shot very well, and has great performances but the problem is the character of Jake Lomatta is just too unlikeable. He has nothing redeeming about his character he is just a goon basically. Now I am not against unlikeable main characters but they have to at least be interesting as a character but this guy isn't. Maybe if there was a brighter character in it it would be better but Joe Pesci's character really is not much better.

Pros: Well shot and well acted.

Cons: Failed to really tell you how popular Jake Lamotta became. There are no positive or likable characters. The character are not interesting enough to be able to be unlikeable.

Oscar Win Best Actor Robert Deniro 5/5- Deniro is very good as Lamotta, even and the role is incredibly showy thanks to the extreme weight gain in the later part of the film. He is good as a plain old jerk although this is the greatest performance of all time as some do I think it is very good.

Oscar Nominee Best Supporting Actor Joe Pesci 4/5- Pesci does what Pesci does best in this film. That is acting very loud and there is some depth to what he does in this although not as good as his win for Goodfellas, a character I felt he gave more depth who was even more evil.

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