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Slumdog Millionaire

Apu would be very proud of him.
GGauthier - wrote on 07/08/09

It's in the human nature, and reflected often in arts, that desire (weird? bizzarre?) of showing off the lower emotions and morals and wishes, and also the higher.
You can find yourself in momments of your life like feeling more appeal to either vast world (the white one, and the dark one)
Dany Boyle grew. And grew well. Slumdog M. is the result of an understanding of his owns nightmares and fears. Also he understands, he found in himself the exact dosis of style and direction of actors and events.
The movie is fantastic and finally a winner, a worthy winner of prizes and stuff. The script (i bet of lower quality than the novel, and yet worthy) is fantastic, and then, in such a simple story, you find yourself reflected, scared, sadded, moved by the images and the words.
This film is just a classic, and will be remembered for ever in the archives of cinema history.

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