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Shoot 'Em Up

people don't kill people carrots do
lpd381 - wrote on 01/11/11

Whoa, I can buy a lot of things, aliens coming to earth and blowing up the white house? You betcha. 300 guys standing against thousands all while wearing nothing more than a loin cloth? sure! Hundreds of troops hiding in a giant wooden horse and then defeating the Trojans? okay. Eddy Murphy being able to talk to animals? why not. Sarah Jessica Parker being sexy? That's a bit of a stretch. But I can not for one second believe you can kill people with a carrot, that's just something I can not buy. I also can not but that they make baby sized bullet proof vests, in camo no less and I can't get behind shooting an umbilical cord off. And most off all you can not be shot at by hundreds of people and only get winged once in the shoulder. There was just too much suspension of disbelief for me in this film. There were some positive aspects to the movie, the acting was good, the action scenes were great and the plot was kinda fun. But the crazy deaths and outlandish scenarios were just too much to overcome. And seriously what the hell was up with the carrots, like a crazy fetish or something. He had more carrots just stashed on his body then should be aloud by law, it's just weird.

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