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Prometheus (2012)

What happened, Ridley?
Andy89 - wrote on 06/27/12

As a huge Ridley Scot fan, and a lover of the original Alien movie, I was eagerly looking forward to this movie. Sadly, it turned out to be a massive disappointment.
What really lets this film down is its awful script, which manages to be confusing, illogical and implausable all at the same time. Scott has assembled an impressive cast list, which contains some of the brightest young stars currently working in Hollywood, but even they can't succeed in making a decent movie out of Prometheus's terrible screenplay.
This is the kind of film that has you laughing as, time and time again, characters say and do things that simply don't make any sense. And throughout the picture things happen that are never properly explained. By the end I was just giggling at this incomprehensible mess. Also the climax is weak and idiotic. The guys who wrote this script apparently worked on the TV series Lost - it shows: there is lots of mystery but no resolution. And we are asked to suspend disbelief and follow a nonsensical turn of events. I just couldn't.
The one great thing about this movie is its art design. The film is beautiful to look at and there is always something interesting to watch on the screen. The sets, costumes and special effects are all excellent.

But, overall, what a disappointment.

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