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The Beach (2000)

About Nothing but Pretends to be About Something
Franz Patrick - wrote on 07/22/08

It started off okay but then as the movie went on, it got really random and confusing. This was supposed to be a thriller but there were a plethora of cheap and false scares, to the point where it got exhausting. The only glimmer of good thing about this picture is Leonardo DiCaprio. You can tell he's committed to prove himself as a serious actor, especially right after the masterful "Titanic." The little quirks that he added to his character were entertaining, unlike the picture as a whole. Another actor that stood out was Tilda Swinton. It's impossible for her to play a boring character. When she finally shows her teeth, it was kind of scary. As for the negative things, I thought the concept of isolation could've been better executed. There was this brilliant scene regarding a shark attack that delved into a bigger issue. I just wish there were more scenes like that. Moreover, the concept of reality vs. fantasy was amusing instead of fascinating. Pretty much everything went wrong, and with a running time of two hours, it's just unforgivable. Avoid this film if you can because it's pretty much about nothing that pretends to be about something.

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