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The Last Dragon

Martial Arts and 80s crap dacing in one movie?!?
Ewee - wrote on 12/17/07

Ok, seriously I must be the only pudsmack to have seen this movie more than 3 times. I watched it in the 80s when it was on HBO,Skin-A-Max, or Showtime ... which ever it was ... and I thought it was one of the coolest movies at the time. Granted I must have been like 6 or 7 when I saw it ... but, I so badly wanted the glow that Leroy had.

On a serious note, I had the itch to watch this movie last week (yes I'm like 1 in 5 people of the world that actually own this movie ... I own a lot of crappy 80s movies ... I like them for some reason ... and if someone could get me a copy of RAD (the bmx bike movie) ... I would be forever endowed to them) but, I noticed watching the movie that the only good parts were the action parts. The whole story line is just plain awful ... it seems like they were torn on between having a movie about martial arts or about crappy 80s dancing and music. If I were anybody else on this earth i wouldn't have wasted the 40 minutes (I fast forwarded through the crappy music parts) I did watching it last week. Actually, if you want to watch the movie ... watch the trailer ... cause it actually plays all the important parts of the movie in the order of the movie being played ... and you don't have the crappy dialogue included. Actually I take that back a bit, there are a few lines in there every time I hear them it cracks me up. Like "Who's the Master? Sho-nuff", what the heck kind of name is Sho-Nuff anyways or "Nigga Pleaze" (I didn't know they said lines like that in the 80s).

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