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Die Hard: With a Vengeance

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TheWolf - wrote on 07/25/07

Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson, and Jeremy Irons... how much better a cast can you get? Well to make things a little different Bruce is now partnered up with a civilian and he has to solve Simons riddles to save the day. Well this movie ranks very high on the action scale, and it takes John McClane in a totally different direction with his character. In the first 2 movies we are so used to see him work solo, and do everything to help his wife so he can be with his family. Now Holly has left him, and they only make vague references to her. There really isn't much mention of his kids.
A few of the other minor changes that were made to correct the franchise and keep it fresh include, this one doesn't take place at christmas. Now that John has someone tagging along, he doesn't really talk to himself nearly as much. Johns wife Holly (played by Bonnie Bedelia in DH1 & 2) is not physically in the movie, and the only time you hear her is on the phone, and she wasn't voiced by Bedelia. This movie while being one of the best movies in the series is the least family oriented one in terms of John and his family.
Still this is a movie I would recommend to anyone. The great part is that you don't really have to see the first two in order to jump right in with this one.

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