Zombified's Movie Review of Wilderness

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Needs Work
Zombified - wrote on 12/27/09

Wilderness was interesting, at best.

The story was typical, following a group of teenagers that were sent to an island because of someone dying in their delinquent dormitory. When they reach the island, someone starts killing them off one by one. The story starts out very, very slowly. Along with the story was very obvious jumps in realistic and special effects. Parts of the killings were made jumpy, or forced.

The characters, however, were portrayed very well. When characters interacted together, they showed more and more of their personality. Everything they did seemed to fit well with the characters. The drama between characters helped make the movie a little less boring, but didn't really help with the fact that the movie wasn't very good.

Overall, Wilderness was not very well done, or put together for that matter. The movie has potential, but it definitely needs a lot of work.

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