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Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Let's Scare Jessica to Death - a review
Mr. E Horror - wrote on 08/24/09

This movie, released very limitedly in 1971 is still quite unknown by most. Those that have taken the time and effort to hunt down a copy of this film will agree that those who haven’t, should. Incredibly eerie, the audience is asked to decide whether the characters are intentionally trying to drive poor Jessica crazy–not a hard task since she is fresh from institution–or whether the characters and the rest of the small town that they inhabit are actually dead, zombies of a sort, I suppose. It really isn’t important which scenario you choose, the real joy of watching Jessica is the strange ride you must take to get to the end. It has a very eerie American Gothic-esque small town flavor that more than hints at some sort of perversion underneath the down-homey facade. This film will never get widespread notoriety, I don’t believe that most would enjoy it. I do, however, believe that most horror fans will. I think you will appreciate some of the nuances that it offers and will be able to appreciate this small film for what it is–a thoughtful, creepy little flick accomplishes what it sets out to do–scare. Give Jessica a shot.

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