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Friday the 13th Part III

chiggles - wrote on 05/31/08

After the first movie of the Friday The 13th franchise, the whole series just starting going downhill from there. The second movie was ok, it just kind of felt like the same movie we watched the first time around. Part 3 begins at the end of 2, where a girl is running from Jason in the woods, coming across Jasons little house like thing. After encountering Jason mom's head in the house, we are introduced to probably the creepiest scene in the movie. I dont want to give it away, but it definately creeped me out. Part 3 is actually the first movie where Jason wields the hockey mask for the first time also.

In the 1980's, the slasher series took a large leap to fame, bringing us hundreds of lame gore films which were just the same movie over and over again. Friday The 13th is said to be the starter to the slasher franchise. Part 3 follows the same formula as both the films before, Jason walks around still alive killing teens for no reason. So it would have been nice if we got a new story here once in a while, but no, the franchise continues to grow worse and worse with every worthless sequel.

The film is directed by Steve Miner, the same man who did the second movie. While the directing is pretty good for the time, I must bust on the horribly done make up effects of the movie. Tom Savini left after the first film. For example, there is a scene where Jason crushes a mans head, but it edits from showing Jason crush it, and after the fact where the eye ball blows out of the mans head. The head totally looked fake from the start of the kill.

Might I add that the movie still continues the dumb girl formula. Since the girl is the last woman standing, we kind of get dumped into the world of stupidness. Lost keys, no gas, broken bridge, hiding in places where we can see you or the original fall scene. All these lead up to the completely useless ending to the film. Where we get yet, another ending where a sequel is seen to be arriving within the next year or so.

Part 3 is in 3-D, but dont get me wrong, the movie is completely dumb and a waste of time for true horror fans. Skip it if you can, or make the mistake of buying the series and having to keep this addition.

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