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When Babies Attack!
MovieGuy878 - wrote on 11/18/09

When a horror film comes along that attempts a original idea, i take a look. When i toke a look at Paul Solet's small budget horror film, i was pleasantly suprised on how well it was done. The premise sucks you in from the get-go, yet is done so well. Thanks goes to Paul Solet's promising direction who shows enough in the smallest of stylish touches. The film more creepy and disturbing than scary. Most of the acting is okay, but Jordan Ladd does the best job giving a convincing and powerful performance as the mother. Her character development is good as well. You feel for her but are disturbed by her. "Grace" is slow buliding but was just fine so the movie can build the main character of the mother and to create a sense of impending doom. The movie builds and builds slowly to a last scene that will leave you shocked and gasping. One thing i could complain about was the last act of the film.The last third could've been better and little less rushed. I wish more movies like "Grace" would come out rather than these lame remakes or run of the mill slasher films. "Grace" gets under your skin and stays with you long after its done.

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