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Kettle of Fish

Kettle of Fish review
Steve T - wrote on 10/04/20

I watched Kettle of Fish only because my wife was watching it. I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining it was. I didn't like much about the character, Mel, at first, but as the movie went on, he became more likable. The movie reminded me a lot of When Harry Met Sally (minus the wildlife). The addition of the love match between the frog and the goldfish paralleling the growing relationship between the two main human characters was an unexpected twist. It was interesting to watch the development and growth in the relationship between Mel and Ginger, even if you knew from first meeting them that they would end up together somehow. They went from being strangers to roommates quite quickly, moved easily into a mutual friendship, and finally realized they were in love with each other all along . The way the story wove together the romance between the fish and the frog, and then paralleled that with the romance between Mel and Ginger was clever.
I wouldn't pay to see this nivue, but it was amusing to watch.

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