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Network (1976)

SteelCity99 - wrote on 04/22/18

What an outstanding social liberalist commentary for the masses!

Network deals with Howard Beale, an old and soon-to-be fired from a powerful television company because of his age: The United Television Network. Since he can't fully accept the idea that he will be dismissed from his 25 year work, he announces he'll commit suicide, ending up becoming a controversial and liberalist social influence for the masses that incredibly raises the TV ratings for the company. Soon, he's used for the mere purpose of gaining a bigger audience and even is able to have his own program. The tone in his messages and comments turns so pessimistic that everything goes down, thanks to the blindness caused by the power, greed and ambition of the same company.

The script is absolutely awesome, the acting is unbelievable, and the pacing of the direction throughout is perfectly adequate. A rare American masterpiece of 1976, Network is a film to be enjoyed and looked at several times, but to think about the intention therein nevertheless.


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