Pat's Movie Review of Gravity

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Overpraised to the max
Pat - wrote on 08/19/16

Many movies spend their time focusing on visuals and sound. No movie suits this case better than Gravity, which had a strong start with amazing detail and auditory background.
If there is one thing great I have to say about Gravity, it is the visuals. The makers of the film knew how to execute the visuals absolutely gorgeously. The same goes with the sound: crisp and perfect.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the story’s pace, characters, acting, and overall grabbing of one’s attention. The story was unbearably slow paced and lacked coherence. It took the character’s almost forever to actually do something. The characters had no backstory to defend their developmental attributes. Plus the acting was way too melodramatic especially on Sandra Bullock’s part. Half the dialogue was via intercom which could be perceived as kind of cool, but at the same time in this film it was very repetitive and got very old. The mood was steady the entire movie, which may sound like a good thing, but in reality it provided no sense of excitement to the viewer.
If you are interested in seeing Gravity, I can guarantee you that you will be surprised at how boring the film really is despite the visuals and sound. While the space-like setting was strikingly represented, the main aspect Gravity lacked was depth, with too many missed opportunities here and there.

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