Jose's Movie Review of The Shawshank Redemption

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The Shawshank Redemption

The best with some of the worst
Jose - wrote on 11/23/14

It´s really easy to understand why this movie is so loved by people, it´s got a terribly beautiful story with some of the most pretty quotes and a lot of astonishing scenes, but in my case, I don´t find as great as the whole rest. It´s true, the story is really beautiful, about two guys and a prison and how do they pass the time inside of it, but, where´s the great actuation? I mean, Tim Robbins doesn´t acts really good, for being true, nothing, and Freeman only smiles ans helps him in more nothing. This movie is just saved bu the story, I cried, 2 times, but that doesn´t means I loved it, for me, story matters, but a great actuation and an excellent cinematography completes what a movie really is, and this movie needs better cinematography and a lot of better actuation.
But, basically, this movie is good, memorable, beautiful, but it more actuation and a better cinematography, just that to complete it.

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