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The Goonies

Fratelli's BEWARE! Arrrrrrgh!
Super Kev - wrote on 08/30/07

Okay seriously who wouldn't want to be a Goonie?? Or rather, who WASN'T a Goonie of some sort when they were a kid? I know I was. I was 11 when this came out and lemme tell ya, my whole circle of friends and I had our own adventures as well. Living in West Virginia we have mountains all around us which provide for hours and..well, YEARS of imaginative entertainment, so when the Goonies came out, it was just an addition to our already extremely active minds! I think the first time I saw this I was on vacation, visiting my Mom in North Carolina. Anyway, GREAT MOVIE, still to this day I'm caught up in the tension when they are trying to play the organ and not "b flat", I feel the excitement when they find the artifact "key" in the map, I love childlike honesty when Mikey (Sean Astin) has a talk with 1 Eyed Willie, and finally the end when they get their neighborhood back! The whole point is, we all had this tight knit group of friends when we were kids that alot of times, we haven't seen many of them for one reason or another. The Goonies is the type of movie that can make you look back and appreciate those friends...and maybe even give them a call. Thanx for reading, God bless! Super Kev

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