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Mermaids (1990)

I'll never get those two hours back
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/01/08

"Charlotte Flax" (Winona Ryder) takes us through a part of her life where things change again, thanks to her mother (Cher), who has the tendency to run away when things don't turn out the way she wants. This time, the "Flax" family end up in a small Massachusetts community in 1963.

We even get to see the 15-year old's first sexual experience -- with a 26 year old man she is instantly attracted to upon seeing him for the first time.

Man, this movie is a hard core Chick Flick, it is certainly not for the male audience. In my opinion, men will either fall asleep while watching it, or walk out of the room.

I couldn't identify with any of the characters, nor could I get into any of the performances. Although it had a pretty strong cast, including a very young Christina Ricci, they just didn't seem to give it their all.

With the authentic wardrobe, automobiles and some of the most famous film clips of the media coverage of the assassination of JFK, you do get a sense that you are in 1963. However, this doesn't help the rest of the film.

There was very little development on the supporting cast. And barely enough of the major characters.

I felt the director did a fair job with the script that was written. The scenes were set up nicely, with some interesting shots at times.

People under forty will have a hard time relating to the drama surrounding the death of Kennedy. Men will also have trouble relating to just about everything in this film.

I can not recommend you add this movie to your collection, or rent it -- if you are a guy. But, if you are a girl, then you probably would like it.

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