The M.O.W.'s Movie Review of Chino ( Valdez, il mezzosangue )

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Chino ( Valdez, il mezzosangue )

Kinda boring
The M.O.W. - wrote on 09/25/09

A horse trainer (the late Charles Bronson) lives with a runaway just outside an Old West town where he has a rough reputation.

His rough exterior is challenged when a woman (Bronson's real life late wife, Jill Ireland) comes into his life.

From what I remember of Bronson's movies, there is always a good amount of violence. There is barely any in here. There is at least one fist fight, which lasts seconds, and not much gun play.

The pace of the movie is painfully slow and deliberate. Sometimes the action on the screen was so slow, my eyes began to wander away from the screen. I found myself getting bored frequently.

This was not one of the best acted movies I've seen lately. I did not feel chemistry between most of the cast. I did feel some between the boy and Bronson.

The story was choppy at best. In fact, it was so weak that it hurt the storyline. The supporting cast was there to slightly advance Bronson's background story, and that's mostly it.

The music was purely Country and Western, and not memorable at all in this movie. I couldn't even recognize any singer on the soundtrack.

Some of the scenery was pretty good. However, there were no spectacular shots. In fact, the scenery was kind of boring. The town, and the horse trainer's property was placed in a sandy area without any color. Wardrobes were just as boring.

This one you can pass on.

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