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Cure (2001)

Cure - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/30/22

Cure, a Japanese psychological mystery-horror film

It was fantastic. It's one of the eeriest movies I have seen in a while. Then again, Japanese movies know how to do that.

And this isn't just a crime thriller, but a horror movie. The murderer in the film uses hypnosis to make people commit murder, and the murderer toys with the detective effectively. He pretends to have memory loss, so whenever you ask him a question, he will ask you a question, then moments later ask you again and again. He acts like he's got the mind of a curious child. In some way, he is not different from cult leader Charles Manson, who was notoriously one of the evilest and most high-profile men in history, who is responsible for the brutal murder of Shannon Tate and her friends, and yet, he hasn't killed anyone for what we know but instead told others to do his dirty work.

And it makes you mad as well, as he gets on your nerves. But the thing is, he sounds confused and almost like a lost child. There is one creepy scene where the murderer hides in a dark room, and the detective tries to find him while the murderer asks who he is and why why why questions and then repeats the question as if he forgot, and the detective gets angrier and angrier trying to find him.

The acting in this movie is fan-freaking-tastic. I don’t know how to explain it, but it always sounds natural and raw whenever Japanese actors yell.

There's barely a score in the movie, but the sound is enhanced to the max, leaving an uneasy atmosphere.

I know, not the usual Halloween movie, but it is psychological and horrific.

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