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Lost River

A fair tale worth forgetting
Matthew Brady - wrote on 04/10/15

Focus more on story more than visuals or your movie isn't going to make any sense or even going anywhere, just stuck in it's own tracks Gosling.

The story is about a single mother is swept into a dark underworld while her son discovers an underwater town.

I was interested in Lost River every since it's first teaser trailer by it's fairy tale imagery and with the repeating words of "Look at my muscles", by Matt Smith . But after hearing the negative reviews and the fact that this movie was booed at the Cannes film festival. After seeing the movie I can see what Ryan Gosling was trying to reach but it didn't really mash well on screen and the overall result is a mess of film and I'm not here to hate on Gosling as I had hope for him and maybe he can do a better directed movie in the future.

Ryan Gosling directing in the movie was meh, and the whole time I noticed he worked on the visuals and the look of the movie which by the looks great but still I felt the focus was only on that and not the whole film, I might be wrong or not. Ryan has worked with many directors in his career with the same style but I think he really took the style and version that Nicolas Winding Refn had with Only God Forgives and I wouldn't call it a bad thing as some critics are making it out to be, it's just a actor starting directing who wants to be like another director he worked with to get the directing career started.

Matt Smith (Or Doctor from Doctor Who to those who seen the show) is also in this movie and he was actually pretty good and honestly the best part of this movie for me.

The movie itself has this fair tale dream look to it with it's visual's and I think the perfect director who would have made this movie much better is David Lynch as his movies do have a dream like look to it which would worked more in Lost River, because to be honest the movie felt like a bore at times showing pretty imagery and no weight to it which still remains forgettable.

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