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District 9

The action movie you haven't been waiting for.
memento_mori - wrote on 10/08/13

Quick tip: Don't eat anything before or during this movie. You will regret it.

I decided to give D9 another watch, since I didn't enjoy it the first time.
Now I enjoy it even less.
First and foremost, Wikus is an idiot. He's like a South African Peter Griffin, and that's bad marketing for the country.

I'm most likely in the minority that thinks this: I think Neill Blomkamp is a terrible director.
By now, I'm pretty sure he lenses his films through an iPod.
His shaky cam, half-documentary half-science fiction style is a clash of tones that doesn't fit.
Everything in this movie is ugly, almost disgusting. It made me feel nauseous watching it.
That may have been the look they were going for, I just didn't think it was appealing or at all interesting, it just took me out of the experience.

And let's not forget the stereotypes and racist accusations.
It is very hypocritical for a movie this racist to have an anti-racism message. It's basically putting up a big sign that says RACISM IS BAD, while the movie itself is being racist by depicting Nigerians as smugglers, gangsters, prostitutes, murderers and cannibals.
It's also very convenient that the humans and aliens can speak two different languages and still understand each other.

I hate repeating things from my earlier reviews, but I just have to say it: This movie is not original.
We have seen these characters a thousand times before, the story has been done a thousand times before with different names and settings, the action has been done much more incisively, with more logic and more interest.

This is exactly why I like older action movies.
Sci-fis and action films nowadays are unoriginal, have the same choreography and unfinished bits of everything. I see why people like it, I'm just not a fan of this kind of entertainment.
Who cares if it was shot for $30 million, I would allow a big budget for a good action movie, like Inception, The Dark Knight Rises or King Kong.

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