Lee's Movie Review of Bronson

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Amazing performance from Tom Hardy
Lee - wrote on 08/07/12

Amazing yet funny performance from Tom Hardy that shouldve been nominated for something in 08 relase however thanks to The Dark Knight Rises i'm introducing myself to the rest of Tom Hardy's earlier flicks and aside from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which was a snoozer i am enjoying the ride! Hardy seemed to slip under my radar when it comes to new actors (new to me anyways) However now that we have been aquainted i'm a fan of his for life! In Bronson Hardy portrays 'Britains most dangerous criminal' (True story btw) After being sent from one prison to another for being disruptive and downright nasty (Although Bronson claims in this that he "Love fu**ing prison i do") Michael Peterson (Tom Hardy) who has barely any hair on his body except for a bushy 70's mustache has been calling himself Charles Bronson ends up changing his name to Bronson legally. Tom Hardy has the gift of becomng any given charector and with Bronson he doesn't pull back the punches delivering a powerhouse performance of the famed crazed inmate.

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