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Fern Gully or Avatar??
John - wrote on 04/25/12

This is a cheap rip off of classic movies. The most obvious is Fern Gully. If you have seen Fern Gully you should see all of the connections, because there are a lot of them. The scene where the huge machine is cutting through the forest, where the person from the "bad guys" falls in love with the native, the hero standing up to those he once called friends, the hero rallying the natives to fight... from what i have given examples of so far 1. clearly shows the basic plot of Avatar, and 2. i was laying out the plot to Fern Gully.

The 3D version of this film is not worth the money, it doesn't add to the film at all. Unless you are willing to pay an inflated price to see bubbles wander from the screen from time to time it really isn't worth it.

I have given this film 1/2 star out of 4 because it is completely unoriginal, predictable and a general waste of time.

For those who read this and say that all films take from older films I will not agree with you, but when artists take from other films they build on the concepts and make something of their own which is distinguishable from the influence. For example, George Lucas was heavily influenced by Flash Gordon, but if you compare Luke Skywalker to Flash Gordon, you can easily distinguish the two.

This movie is in my opinion only slightly better than Twilight

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