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The Cowboy Way

"You cowboys are a dying breed."
MovieAddict - wrote on 12/02/13

(Pepper) Woody Harrelson and (Sonny) Kiefer Sutherland are two rodeo buddies who head off to the Big Apple to help an old friend Nacho who is trying to get his daughter Teresa to come to the States in the not so legal way. With the help of a horse riding New York cop named Sam Shaw (Ernie Hudson) they discover that Nacho had got himself in some serious trouble which results in him ending up in a morgue and his daughter working in a sweatshop. Their adventures in New York City are humorous and Woody Harrelson as Pepper is hilarious. His raunchy, ready-for-anything cowpoke is one funny character. I especially enjoyed his little strut on the walkway. Goooo Woody! You make a great Calvin Klein model. Meanwhile cutie pie Dylan McDermott is the sly criminal behind Nacho's death. Rollicking good entertainment and who ever came up of the concept of using a calf during an interrogation is certainly one twisted mother lol. “What's a baby cow gonna do to me?” will always crack me up…sorry guys!

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