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The Sea Wolf (1993)

The Sea Wolf
dukeakasmudge - wrote on 02/06/17

I didn't really buy Charles Bronson as this brutal sea captain.He reminded me of a few people I know that have been through alot in life but survived & because of it, it made them stronger & tougher.They act hard & mean but once you truly get to know them & they let you in, you find out they're actually nice people.He also reminded me of an old person/boss that is tough in front of people but behind closed doors, they're completely different.Maybe I'm too used of seeing him as a hero or vigilante that it's hard for me to believe him as a violent sea captain.This is also the 1st movie I've ever seen him cast as a villain.Anyways..... I never knew The Sea Wolf was based off a book but after watching this movie, 1 of these days I might check it out.I might check out the other versions of the movie someday as well.This version of The Sea Wolf was pretty decent especially for being a TV movie.I wouldn't tell somebody who's thinking of seeing it to skip it.It's good enough that it will keep you entertained while it's on but I don't think you'll give it a rewatch for another couple of months after.Watch it & stick around for the ending.It's worth it

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